Leather Working Group (LWG)

We are proud to be an active member of the Leather Working Group (LWG), a leading multi-stakeholder organization committed to promoting sustainability within the leather industry. As a member, our company aligns itself with the group's mission to drive environmental stewardship and responsible practices throughout the leather supply chain.

Being part of the Leather Working Group demonstrates our dedication to sustainability and transparent business practices. Through LWG's protocols and auditing processes, we continuously strive to improve our environmental performance, reduce our carbon footprint, and minimize the impact of our leather production on the planet.

Our association with LWG reflects our commitment to adopting best practices, responsibly managing resources, and collaborating with like-minded brands, retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers to build a more sustainable future for the leather industry.

By choosing our products, you can be assured that you are supporting a company that values environmental responsibility and takes tangible steps towards a more eco-friendly and ethical approach to leather production. Together with the Leather Working Group, we are contributing to positive change and making a difference in the global leather community.